Why play golf

It is true that it is not the first sport that comes to mine. The omnipresence of football throws other sports off the map; close by are basketball, tennis, athletics… Therefore the parents of the majority of the youth of Spain are naturally inclined to these close and accessible sports, of which personally I have nothing against; on the contrary.

Everything which keeps the young ones within sport makes them grow up with values as much social: respect, friendship, competitiveness, team work, self-expression, coexistence as personal values: self-discipline, creativity, self-realisation and ability amongst others. But and here I say but, because I consider golf to be the sport with most values. Which is capable of working in one environment individual and personal work as much as team work (through its different types of game) and also able to incorporate under one flag (for example the European flag) different identities (in the case of the Ryder Cup in which the European team consists of different countries), as an example of coexistence and understanding.

Maybe this is not enough for a person to be inclined towards starting golf. Travel a certain distance to practice or find enough time to exercise a series of aspects of the game could be a priori cortapisa. But on the other hand if we start golf we will find ourselves a place in which we don’t only enjoy the relaxing and friendly environment which will stimulate within us a sensation of wellbeing but we will also provide ourselves and our families with the knowledge of a sport which we can enjoy together throughout many years. One of the biggest pleasures of this sport is to see two or three generations together, playing golf. Grandparents, parents and children who enjoy the time together, playing and… talking! Because there is no other sport like golf which encourages the possibility of communication which allows us to get to know each other better; whether it be questions of the game or of the personal kind.

Starting in the world of golf is to shape oneself as a person; to grow as an individual and to do so in the best way possible. From integrity, to effort through to humbleness.

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