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Golf courses in Iceland

After a few trips to Iceland I have been able to see many differences in regards to Spanish and Icelandic golf courses.

Knowing that Spain has just over 46 million inhabitants against 331,000 that Iceland has, Iceland has nevertheless 63 federate golf courses plus some non-federate.

Golf in Iceland is the second most practiced and the most federated national sport, but only football is ahead and behind it is horse-riding and handball.

As everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages, in Iceland they have rain throughout the whole year which allows the majority of courses to not have sprinklers, the major drawback is the low temperatures in winter and the snow which means they can’t have the same quality of grass that Spain has since the courses spend several months covered by snow and therefore golf seasons are mostly limited to the summer.

Most parks in every town have a natural grass putting green for children to play on and to begin to learn the rules about this sport.

The biggest difference I’ve seen on the golf courses is the environment, we have different environments depending on where the course is, usually in the south of our country there are normally more houses around the course and further north the environment is often more green. They have more nature and that gives them more options, the most curious is on top of the lava from a volcano and the most beautiful is the island of Westman with a unique environment and where one week a year it is used for camping for the spectators of Iceland’s largest music festival.


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