‘Escuela de Golf Víctor Andreu’ en La Finca Golf.​


Golf is no longer a closed area

Golf is a sport where the swing means everything. A synchronised movement of the hands, arms and body, which generates a force at the head of the club which on impact with the ball reaches a great speed (between 70 and 100 km/h) and the ball leaves towards the target. It is not easy. A lot of muscles are needed to make this movement and, in spite of the ball being immobile, the difficulty is the small target of impact.

For this reason it is not easy to self-teach this sport.

The help of a professional is necessary, or that of a teacher, who can indicate the steps to follow. Consequently it is important to have a good first contact with the sport through the Golf School.

The immense majority of Spanish golf courses have these type of work spaces where, and depending on the level of each person, we can submerge ourselves in the world of golf or improve our knowledge. And of course, there is no need to be a member, nor to have a connection with the club to access this information.

Closed areas were left behind. The private clubs to play or practice this sport are in the past along with the idea of the elite and expensive sportsman which has nothing to do with reality. Playing golf is as expensive as skiing, horse-riding or cycling. Because the reality is that it all depends on the amount of money that one is willing to spend on the equipment. The training, the lessons that one has to take, have had very affordable prices for year, which doesn’t make at all more difficult its practice and the schools contribute to the matter especially in the case of children, in fact they are extremely affordable.

Do not doubt to doubt your nearest golf school. The first taboo which must be broken is that which holds us back. The one who believes that they can’t afford it or that the sport is for the “stuck up”.

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