Tommy Horton. Golf instructor.

“In spite of his youth Víctor bring ¡s together magnificent
qualities of teaching sport.”

Pepín Liria. Bull figter.

“He has shown me a lot and he continues to. He has a swing
of which he won’t tell me his secret.”

Miguel Ángel Jiménez. Professional golfer.

“Víctor is possibly the best qualified teacher I know.
He has everything.”

Luis García. Professional footballer.

“A unique teacher and a great friend. Every time I can I try to play
golf with him, I always learn something new.”

Bradley Dredge. Professional golfer.

“We have coincided various times. If you want a teacher, don’t doubt it.
Víctor is a safe bet.”

Jose María Manzaneras. Bull fighter.

“A teacher with a lot of projection, I’ve known him a long time
and he has a refined technique.”

Juan de Ramos. Professional footballer.

“Víctor is one of those players that with seeing one of
his swings you know he understands all of this.”

Sergio García. Professional golfer.

“I’ve known Víctor since we were children and he has always had a great swing,
he who has him as a teacher is very fortunate.”

Juan Carlos Ferrero. Professional tennis player.

“Víctor has a lot of ability and talent, he can surprise you
with just one swing.”

Eduardo Gurbindo. Handball player.

“Thanks to Víctor I understand Golf, he’s a great teacher and a great person.”
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